Is It Possible to Shoot an Accurate 100-Yard Shot with a Bow?

It is possible to shoot 100 yards with a bow, but is it possible to do it accurately?

Unless you're shooting in a competitive archery tournament, there aren't too many reasons to shoot a 100-yard archery shot. Even so, tournament archers normally don't even shoot that far. Likewise, if you're hunting with a bow, there's rarely any reason to shoot 100 yards for ethical reasons. However, the question remains the same. Is it possible to shoot this distance accurately? Let's find out.

So now that we know it can be done, would you dare take this shot while hunting? Well, I personally wouldn't. Even if you can make this shot consistently. At this distance, wild game can move in so many directions that it's nearly impossible to gauge where the arrow will hit.

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Now is it fun to shoot these distances while practicing? Absolutely! In fact, it helps to shoot longer distances, so while you're hunting, you have confidence knowing your limits.

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