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The Waterfowl Archery Hunt You Won't Want to Miss

waterfowl archery

Time to prepare for your waterfowl archery hunt this fall! 

Most of the time after hunters lose the thrill of harvesting animals with a gun they revert to other means. For example, many deer hunters will try archery or take a shot with a muzzleloader to find that thrill all over again. Some even attempt waterfowl archery.

Why not? If it's legal to harvest waterfowl while they're not flying might as well grab some duck for supper. Especially if it's Thanksgiving supper.

These waterfowl archery harvests might just be what you need to find that 'thrill' all over again!

If you can find ducks and geese in these kind of numbers it'll be sure to make for a great hunt. Never know, you might even get your limit. Out west and up north when these birds migrate there can definitely be hundreds of them.

If this isn't enough, you might try harvesting waterfowl while they're in flight. However, you might find it frustrating at first, but with enough practice you will be sure to start succeeding.

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The Waterfowl Archery Hunt You Won't Want to Miss