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He Has an Interesting Opinion on Which Gun Safe is the Best

This fellow says no to the large, bulky traditional gun safe and yes to a more streamlined model, which he declares is more secure in protecting his firearms.

Successful YouTuber Wranglerstar (Cody) offers his informed opinion on which gun safe is the best. It's a choice between the older, traditional super heavy models with thick walls and massive deadbolt locking bars versus the newer, lighter, more streamlined models.

The older, massive models give the impression of security, Cody says, but are easily and quickly breached these days by would-be thieves. A thief simply has to go through the side wall with a grinder, and can do so in a matter of minutes.

If you doubt that, simply do a youtube search for 'breaking into a gun safe' and you'll see just how ineffective some of these big safes are for securing your guns and other valuables.

Cody has given this a lot of consideration and his conclusions go against the traditional gun safe wisdom.

Cody says that he now prefers the lighter, modular gun safes that utilize modern materials and modern steels - which he says are far superior to the older, thicker, softer steels used in the big gun safes.

Mobility and light weight are certainly important considerations when choosing a gun storage system, especially if you're inclined to move your residence at some point.

Interestingly, he also makes the point that having at least two safes increases the security of your valuables. It forces thieves to focus on more than a single safe, which they are not inclined to do.

The particular brand of safe that Cody has chosen to protect his firearms is the SecureIt modular safe.

I'm currently in the market for a gun safe, and frankly, Cody has given me some worthwhile things to think about. What really is the best gun safe? I had been leaning towards the large, bulky gun safes, simply because that's what I was aware of and had become accustomed to thinking of as a gun safe.

But the size and weight of a traditional gun safe had me hesitant about pulling the trigger on one (pun intended). After viewing Wranglerstar's video, I realize that I've got more options to choose from, which is a good thing.

A burglary of a gun safe is an unfortunate and ironic thing, and I never want to experience it. But as gun owners, we've got to be responsible. Just grabbing a rifle safe off Amazon isn't going to cut it. A great locking mechanism and heavy duty construction is key. I know what kind of high quality safe I'll look for now. What about you?

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