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Gun Storage: It Can't Be Stolen If It Can't Be Found

You may not be able to install a secret laboratory behind a moving fireplace in your home, but this hidden storage bookshelf is the next best thing.

Hidden weapon caches are as old as man himself. The first cavemen no doubt had extra clubs or flint knives stashed behind boulders or shoved into small fissures in the cave walls.

These days we have technology and fine craftsmanship on our side, enabling the creation of some pretty clever, hidden storage devices.

Q-Line Design is a furniture design company that employs some ingenious engineering with quality materials and design, to create beautiful, heirloom quality furnishings that do double duty as safe storage compartments for valuables.

Q-Line Design's SafeGuard shelving systems adhere to the adage, If they can't find it, they can't steal it. This video shows their large double bookcase, and the several sliding drawers and panels that are hidden and locked until activated.

But they also manufacture smaller shelves, end tables, kitchen and buffet tables, jewelry boxes and more. Every item is custom made, and they will also work with interested parties to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

One feature I really like about their builds is that the hidden storage compartments cannot be accidentally opened. They are locked and will open only when certain hidden switches are activated either by hand, magnet or some other security method.

I picture every piece of furniture in my home having hidden panels. Having even one such piece of furniture with a Walther PPK hidden inside, ready for quick access, would surely be as close to feeling like a spy as I'd ever come.


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Gun Storage: It Can't Be Stolen If It Can't Be Found