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Indiana Man Gives Warning After 16 Guns Stolen From Home: "Don't Let Strippers In Your House"

If you have guns stolen this way, you only have yourself to blame.

In a rather absurd story hailing from the Hoosier state, a burglary victim has come forward with a strange claim and stern warning to others. After 16 guns were taken from his house while he was away at work, it was revealed that the victim likely knew the perpetrator. As a matter of fact, the thief had stayed with him in a spare bedroom for some time. As they say, most burglars know the victim, and in this case, it was a stripper.

"Be careful who you tell, keep it to yourself, don't be bragging about how many guns you got, be careful who you let into your house and make sure you buy a quality safe," the burglary victim Billy Swagerty said in an interview. "And that's another thing...don't let strippers in your house."

Swaggerty revealed the details of what happened in a radio interview. According to him, at some point late last winter, he gave this stripper a ride home. Then, right before the break-in, she came back to his house in the middle of the night asking for a place to stay. Against his girlfriend's wishes, he agreed and she temporarily moved in for a couple months.

The stipper started bartering nude pictures in exchange for money, leading to Swaggerty and his girlfriend asking her to leave. The stipper's boyfriend was released from prison shortly after and allegedly stole 16 of Swaggerty's guns. However, the guns were apparently kept in the stripper's temporary spare room.

"I had probably three .22 rifles, two shotguns, numerous pistols, I had an SKS which is .762 mm, I had an AK-74 which is a 5.54 mm and I had an AR-15, which I just got for Christmas, which is a .556 mm," Swaggerty said.

At this point, an investigation is still ongoing. Everything at this point outside of the police investigation is pure speculation. There's no proof the stripper or her paroled boyfriend had anything to do with the stolen guns.