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Hunting Ethics: Your Brand New Property Has a Brand New Stand Already There, What Do You?

This problem happens for many hunters all the time. 

The stars aligned and you were just granted permission to hunt a new property. Or, maybe you just made a handshake deal for a new property and swapped a little cash for it.

Either way, you are sitting in good shape when deer season rolls around. Unfortunately, when that time comes, you stumble upon a brand new stand on your property that isn't yours. Great. So now what do you do?

This very problem happened to me just this past year. Through a friend of a friend, our hunting group lucked into two incredible properties. They came with a price, but that tends to be the value of a handshake these days when it comes to deer hunting land.

We weren't sure where the lines got crossed, but come October 1st, I noticed a brand new stand on our new property that I didn't put up. I called the landowner and asked if he knew who might else be hunting out there, and he didn't think anybody was besides us.

So, there we were between to a rock and hard place. We debated on taking it down to send a message, however, it's not that hunter's fault that he or she didn't know about us.

It even crossed our minds that perhaps it could be a landowner family member and we didn't want to ruffle any feathers.

The solution we came up with was to place a note with contact information to call us. We sure didn't want to be jerks about it, but nobody knows who it is!

So far, the phone hasn't rang and as far as we can tell, the hunter hasn't been there.

So there's the question. What would you do in that situation? If it's happened to you already, how did you handle it?