Buck of a Lifetime
YouTube: True Addiction

Indiana Hunter Downs Buck of a Lifetime, Is Overcome With Raw Emotion

Hunter is overcome with emotion after harvesting target buck.

The best thing about hunting is the memories we make along the way. Especially when you have worked especially hard for a big buck and you get to share in the moment with friends and family. Those moments don't come along every day, so you must savor them when you can.

Today's video is a prime example of that from True Addiction outdoors. The hunter in this video has one target buck in mind for his season and he's not going to stop until he gets him. The video starts with an unfortunate miss during bow season.

Fast-forward a bit to firearms where he gets a second chance and makes a perfect shot on the buck of a lifetime. The only thing that may be better than the deer itself is the hunter's reaction to realizing he's downed his dream buck!

What a buck and an even more exciting hunt! It's not often you get a second chance at a buck of this caliber. One thing is for sure, he made the most of that second opportunity. That was a great shot and the buck didn't go far after the shot. We love the mass and brow tines on this deer. This buck should score very well.

Honestly though, we think we enjoyed his reaction and his relaying the good news to his father almost as much as the shot at the buck itself. Just a raw, honest reaction to shooting the deer of a lifetime. His excitement was totally palpable from the moment he shot the deer, to the blood trailing job, to the recovery with his dad.

It doesn't get much better than that. I think father and son are going to be enjoying the footage of this hunt for years to come.

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