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Georgia Hunter Downs Nice Buck and Sow Feral Hog in Same Hunt

Buck and Hog
YouTube: Norton Outdoors

Bacon and venison all in the same hunt!

We know most hunters are aware, but we feel it bares repeating. Anything can happen in the deer woods. You just never know when your day is going to go from normal to extraordinary. That's the case with the hunt we are showcasing here today from YouTuber Norton Outdoors.

Joey Norton is hunting the Georgia rifle season in mid-December when he's presented with a grade-A opportunity at a large feral hog sow. Adding a little bacon to the table and helping control the hog population is always good, so he took the shot.

At first, it appears that this is all this hunt is going to produce. In fact, he has shut all his camera gear off and is getting up to leave for the morning when a shooter 8-point makes a sudden appearance. Watch as he scrambles to get this shot off.

What's better than filling the freezer with venison and bacon in the same hunt? Not much that we can think of. The only thing that would have made it better is if both animals dropped right next to one another. We're envisioning bacon-wrapped backstraps for dinner!

One other interesting thing in this video is the young buck that comes in while that feral hog is on the ground. He clearly sees and smells the dead animal. However, he's also not totally alarmed by it. It just goes to show that life and death is a natural thing in the woods and the presence of another dead animal is not always going to scare others away.

That's also why it's a good idea to sit a while after dropping a deer or hog. Because you just never know what may come walking down the trail next. Great shot on that buck Joey, he's a beauty.

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Georgia Hunter Downs Nice Buck and Sow Feral Hog in Same Hunt