Photo courtesy Shady Maple

Incredible Lifelike Deer Cake Created for Pennsylvania Wedding, Instantly Goes Viral

Check out this deer cake created by the folks at Shady Maple Market in East Earl, Pennsylvania.

If you spotted this bedded down deer in a thicket, would you give it a double take?

If you saw it on the serving table of a Pennsylvania wedding, would you think twice?

This amazingly lifelike creation was the centerpiece of a recent wedding this past Saturday, and it was put together by Cake Decorating Supervisor Pam McNeal at the Shady Maple Farm Market in East Earl, Pennsylvania.

According to the company's advertising, sales, and marketing manager, the cake was a special order that took the better part of 10 hours to complete.

Everything (except for the plastic antlers) was made entirely from scratch, with the head and neck carved from Styrofoam and the back part consisting of enough marble cake to feed 250 wedding guests.

The bride and groom brought in the antlers and asked Shady Maple to make a wedding cake to fit the rack. We'd say they pulled it off with flying colors!

A quick glance at Shady Maple's Instagram account proves this influential market has made an impact on the surrounding area, and it's no wonder an engaged couple looked to them to create the cake they'd remember fo the rest of their lives. The same goes for their Facebook page, both of which deserve a following.

In fact, Shady Maple seems to have a range of facilities, all of which represent the kind of business locals can be proud of.

And when you can say the deer cake at your wedding was created by the experts at Shady Maple, that's pretty special!