GRAPHIC: Why You Never Wear a Wedding Ring in a Deer Stand

Sitting in a 10- to 20-foot deer stand has some dangers, but don't let this be one.

Many people are married, and many of those people hunt. If you're one of them, you should either buy a QALO ring, or just leave your wedding ring at home when in the stand.

Just ask this guy about his experience. Or, you can just look at these pictures and take our word for it. We're not exactly sure of the details or the hunter's name, but it is a confirmed treestand accident, and good grief, it looks painful.

While slipping from a step, he went down, but his ring had other ideas. The end result is simply hard to look at.

So, fellas... I think it would be a pretty easy sell to convince your wife you might need some kind of rubber wedding ring for those deer hunting days.

If you're not willing to purchase one, simply leave your ring in the truck. If you ladies worry about him not having a ring on in the woods to show he's taken, there might be some bigger issues.

We're not sure if it's possible, but if you aren't sold based on these pictures, call this dude. I am sure he can persuade you with his experiences.

Oh, and if you need any more proof that it happens, here are photos from another incident as well...

Ouch... need I say more?! Don't let this be you.