This Upset Spouse or Girlfriend is Savage!

In perhaps the most vindictive act of the year, someone placed these mounts on the railroad to be demolished.

Seminole County Sheriff's Office in Georgia posted a wild picture to Facebook that would make any hunter cringe in pain. There are a few things men have that you don't mess with: his family, his hat, and his trophy room.

In the most savage act of the year, the cops are suspecting someone has got a really upset spouse or girlfriend. Instead of just moving out or leaving, she went straight for the jugular (also known as the trophy room).

The police discovered two taxidermy shoulder mounts set on these train tracks in Georgia.

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Luckily, they were discovered before the train could find them and disintegrated the trophies into nothing but hunting memories. It really brings a whole new meaning to the words "deer tracks."

If they are yours or you happen to know whose they are, they are safely secured in the Seminole County Police office for pickup.

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