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These 11 Hunters' Trophy Rooms Are Completely Unbelievable

Think you have a impressive collection of deer mounts? Here are 11 trophy rooms that are sure to make your eyes (and your wallet) burn.

Successful hunts are, for many of us, experiences that we hope to relive over and over again. We never want to forget that trophy buck, or that memorable turkey hunt, or the time we spent outdoors with someone we care very deeply about. What better way is there of cementing that memory for years to come than displaying the fruits of our labor?

Here are 11 of what we think are the most impressive trophy rooms in America. Not only have these hunters experienced things that many of us can only dream about, they've got the "how to display your trophy" question pretty much figured out.

American Photo Mag

David Chancellor, in his series "Safari Club," offers an inside look at the culture of big game hunting. While we don't know this hunter's name, his trophy room outside of Dallas, Texas is full of an amazing collection of African (as well as many other) hunting trophies.

How many of us wish we had a grizzly standing guard over our man cave, ensuring that our leopard doesn't get to rowdy?

American Photo Mag

In another photo from his series "Safari Club," David Chancellor records yet another trophy room from another Texas big-game hunter.

These trophies, to be sure, represent a lifetime of great stories.

Tiger Droppings

A guaranteed way to end up on a list of best trophy rooms is to have Cape buffalo to go along with your chandeliers.

The lions sure don't hurt either.

Candys Dirt

While the rest of this 314 acre estate just north of Dallas is sure to impressive, the part is this amazing trophy room.

While it's just one room in a 15,000-square-foot (yes, you read that right) home, this room boasts an impressive collection of hunting trophies from all over the world.

Praire Mountain Wildlife

This trophy room, built to showcase the talents of the folks at Prairie Mountain Wildlife Studio, highlights all the great big game hunting that North America has to offer.

Conroe Taxidermy

This trophy room, built for Ralph & Deb Cunningham by Conroe Taxidermy, sports a vast collection of trophies all over the world.

What you can't see is the custom rock display with several different species of sheep, or the monstrous crocodile, or the leopard that guards the TV.

But we know you really wanted to see the lions.

Conroe Taxidermy

In other trophy room built by Conroe Taxidermy, Mike and Becky Simpson have one of the best trophy rooms we've ever seen.

Almost nothing is more impressive than the head of an elephant hanging over your great room... unless it's the bears guarding the door.

Malcolm Armstrong

What makes this trophy room so special isn't just the animals displayed (even though many aren't visible, it's still an impressive collection), but rather the man who put them there.

Teddy Roosevelt built his home on Long Island, nicknamed "Sagamore Hill," shortly after the close of his Dakota ranching days.

He lived out his days at Sagamore Hill, save for his stint in the White House, surrounded these trophies collected over a lifetime of outdoor exploits all around the world.

The Daily Record

Canadian businessman and big game hunter George D'Aoust has been called by many "the Canadian Crocodile Dundee," and after viewing his trophy room we can see why.

After he got his start hunting caribou in the far north of Canada, Mr. D'Aoust has traveled all over the world, harvesting all 300+ animals personally.

Image via Conroe Taxidermy

Irvin & Wendy Barnhart's trophy collection, built yet again by Conroe Taxidermy, sports what is probably the best collection of whitetail deer of any other room on this list.
They are just hidden behind the elephant tusks and full-body lion mounts.

Hilbert Taxidermy

Perhaps the most impressive part of Don & Bobbie Horn's trophy room is the great diversity of animals all beautifully packed into a room thats certainly smaller than many others on this list.

As in all great trophy rooms, this one boast several lion mounts... they're just hidden behind the Cape buffalo.


These 11 Hunters' Trophy Rooms Are Completely Unbelievable