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Remember the World’s Best Taxidermy Commercial?

Chuck Testa is the proud owner and proprietor of Ojai Taxidermy and if you're not smiling after seeing his commercial then your smile is broken!

Here's a great look into the world of taxidermy provided by one of the art's most off-the-wall individuals.

With help from the inimitable You Tube duo of Rhett and Link, all the fun of a great commercial along with a little levity gives us a look inside the mind of Chuck Testa and his world of trophy mounts.

If you haven't seen this before, you're in for a treat.

Anyone seeing this for the first time might right away roll their eyes and say "is this guy for real?" Well go to Chuck's website and decide for yourself!

With over 16 million views on You Tube this whimsical piece has some staying power. His mantra of "The most lifelike dead animals anywhere.....PERIOD!!" has a great sense of the odd and the hysterical.

With the silly and the sublime this fun advertisement answers the question "who is Chuck Testa and how can I get my trophy to him?" One thing is for sure, if you hire this guy it won't be boring.


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Remember the World’s Best Taxidermy Commercial?