piebald rut
Facebook: Charlie Moore

Piebald Buck Gets a Piece of the Rut Action

Some of the greatest rewards of hunting don't follow the well-timed pull of a trigger. Spending countless hours sitting in the same series of spots is enough to present us with a surplus of opportunities to witness a rare occurrence in the wild. And as hunters, we often hope we see these moments come from our favorite game animal: deer. There are a number of spectacles on every deer hunter's bucket list, but there are two that find the tops of every one: seeing bucks dueling during the rut and laying eyes on an albino or piebald deer.

By some stroke of incredible luck, this guy managed to see both at the same time, as he was was able to capture footage of a battle between two impressive whitetail bucks, one of which was a beautiful piebald.

Watch the video below:

Can you imagine walking or driving up on something like this? I've personally never seen a piebald deer with my own eyes, let alone a piebald buck. But, if I did, I can safely say this would be the best way for it to happen.

Additionally, could you imagine harvesting that big boy this year? He'd make for one heck of a mount, wouldn't he?

I'm not usually one for a full-body mount, but there's no way I could ever let that beautiful hide go to waste. Plus, it's not like you'd be mounting a slouch of a deer just because it's a piebald; the antlers make that buck mountable regardless of its color.

It looks like this happened on the corner of Seabrook Island Road and Persimmon Pond Court near Charleston, South Carolina. So, if you plan on going to South Carolina during deer hunting season this year, don't forget about this guy.

I'm sure locals are already looking for nearby areas to hunt!