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iKamper is the Hottest Thing to Happen to Camping Since Firewood


iKamper is coming soon, and you are going to want it. 

When it comes to quick and easy camping for a fishing trip, road trip, hunting trip, or just a weekend getaway, the old standard tent has come in awfully handy. However, that might be changing with the release of the iKamper coming soon. Starting in late February, this incredible car top tent will go on sale and be shipping worldwide.

So yeah, that’s pretty insane. To think that something like this is going to exist and all those nights of sleeping in my truck on a quick fishing trip might be a thing of the past, is pretty exciting. With less than a one minute setup, the ability to fit a whole family inside it, and even a freaking sky window, this thing just can’t get any more cool.

However, the price might be sticking point. Ringing up at the cash register for $2,950, it’s a might big pill to swallow. However, if you get in on the pre-order starting in late February, it can be yours for $1950. One thousand dollars off the final retail price does have a nice ring to it. 

Looks like I’m going to have to get some cross bars for my Jeep.


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iKamper is the Hottest Thing to Happen to Camping Since Firewood