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This Quick ‘n’ Dirty Jeep Hog Hunt is the Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Hunting pigs isn’t always the most exotic, but it sure is fun, especially when you’re cruising around doing a jeep hog hunt like this!

TexasNative00 joins us with another high-production-value video that will make you proud, not to mention happy, to be a hunter. Texas has some great weather for just driving around, so it’s not surprising that TexasNative00 could put together a great time on a whim and in no time.

Do you have a teenager in your life who spends all day inside playing first-person shooting games? Our advice: hold a screening of this video. It’s only two minutes long, so it’s compatible with the Millennial attention span, and it might just open the kid’s eyes to the first-person shooting you can do in the real world.

There’s always time for a little hog hunting for a good cause.

If you enjoyed this video, check out some more stuff from TexasNative00, a.k.a. NicTaylor00, by following him on Facebook.


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This Quick ‘n’ Dirty Jeep Hog Hunt is the Perfect Pick-Me-Up