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Video: Shed Hunting Prank With Monstrous Boone and Crockett Set!

In a cruel and hilarious joke, some shed hunting buddies prank a friend with a match set of a lifetime.

It is that time of year. Time to grab some buddies and grid search your hunting properties for that white gold. It's hard to explain the feeling of walking up on a match set of sheds. But it is not hard to explain this video. "Cruel" might just do it.

It's just some good fun humor, as these guys find some sheds that any outdoorsman would dream of. It was an absolute mammoth set with tons of mass and cool character.

With a little white lie, they place the set in a field and lead him right to them.

Watch the video below:

His reaction on walking up on them is pretty funny. But to be honest, if I had found a set like that, I am going to guess the footage would've been a little more embarrassing.

High pitched squeals and some dance moves that would have led to an injury probably would have been captured on film, and quite frankly I wouldn't have cared if those sheds were in my possession.

Once again, that was hilarious, but oh so cruel. I can guarantee one thing, I would keep the sheds as mine for the turmoil they just put him through.

You might want to find some new shed hunting buddies!

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