Rare Footage Catches Muley Dropping Both Sheds at the Exact Same Time

In some incredibly rare and amazing footage, this guy just got the easiest matching shed find he will ever have.

It's that time of the season! You have hunted all year, and you are crushed that hunting seasons have went out. But that means one thing. Time to start preparing for next season and finding those sheds.

Shed hunting is a test of patience and can be rather difficult at times, but finding this matched set for this guy is a piece of cake.

With cameras rolling, this mule deer begins to hop away and the camera man happens to catch a very rare set of events on camera.

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With one of his bounds, both sheds fall off at the exact same time, making for an amazing video and easy pickins for this lucky guy. When picturing sheds falling off in our minds, we often think of one falling and then the deer shaking to break the other one loose.

Rarely will sheds ever pop off as if they were connected together, as in this video.

We know what you're thinking: where is this kind of luck when you're shed hunting? Some days you can walk double digit miles to find no sheds, and the next you could be on the winning end of an awesome encounter like this one.

I guess that is why they call it shed hunting and not shed finding.

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