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5 Easy Camping Eats (Including Flaming Marshmallow Shots!)

There is no doubt that some of these camping eats will make it to my campsite before the new year.

We all have our campfire favorites when it comes to cooking outdoors. Whether you are a seasoned campfire chef or a laid back weekend warrior, these five camping eats are sure to get your mouth watering.

Try not to get to excited as you watch the video below.

Well, there you go. Here is the count down just in case you missed it!

5. Orange Eggs

4. Pineapple Rice

3. Roasted Cinnamon Rolls

2. No Skillet Bacon

1. Flaming Marshmallow Shots

Well, the marshmallow shots are a no brainer. I am sure those will end up coming in handy during your fall festivities.

At least this gives you an excuse to go camping. Thanks Rated Red!


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5 Easy Camping Eats (Including Flaming Marshmallow Shots!)