sight ice fishing

Ice Fisherman Lands Massive Rainbow by Sight Fishing

This is ice fishing like you've never seen before.

Ice fishing videos surface on the internet all the time. Anglers bundle up in preparation for freezing temperatures, set up some kind of temporary shelter, drill a small hole or two in the ice, drop a line and wait.

Fishing through ice can produce some pretty incredible results, but it's often just a matter of how much cold weather and time waiting you can handle.

In a YouTube video from Uncut Angling, though, we see an angler take a slightly different approach.

Instead of waiting to see a rod start bending, he decided to cut a big-enough section of the ice that he could actually spotlight and sight-fish.

He had a calculated strategy, too, as he said early on he was looking for a hard-bottom spot with semi-shallow water that was 6 or 7 feet deep.

When he finds it, he uses his electric auger to drill a serious of holes in the shape of a square, cutting excess ice with a saw.

Once his hut is up and his lights are running, he has himself quite the setup!

Watch Aaron Wiebe land some big fish through the ice by sight fishing up in Canada!

Did you hear him say that it was -37 degrees Fahrenheit when he was out on the ice? Who is tough enough to withstand those kind of temperatures when they're fishing?

I don't care how warm of a setup I'm fishing from, you could never convince me to go fishing in that kind of weather!

Additionally, what a great fish to pull through the ice. It has to be awesome to be able to watch a fish like that mid-fight.

We've featured Canadian YouTuber Aaron Wiebe before, as he's posted some pretty unique videos in the past. If you want to see him fish for musky with a fidget spinner or pike with a YouTube play button, be sure to check out some of our other content at Wide Open Spaces!