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Big Pike Hammer Homemade YouTube Play Button Lure

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This is amazing! Aaron Wiebe quickly fashions a fishing lure from a YouTube play button award and absolutely slays big northern pike with it.

Aaron Wiebe from Uncut Angling must either be sleeping under a lucky star or he's just that good, because he absolutely crushes big pike in this video on the most unlikely of homemade lures--a YouTube play button award.

Wiebe is fishing Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park's Clear Lake with his boat and tackle stripped down to the bare minimum. In fact, he claims to have brought no fishing lures at all, just the terminal gear to make one out of whatever he happens to have at hand.

So, he opens a few boxes and finds that he's received a 100,000 subscribers award from YouTube. Naturally, he quickly dismantles the award, drills a few holes and attaches a couple of hooks.

Voilà! Instant northern pike lure!

And man, does he ever hammer some pike with it.

It's incredible. He even has a pike at the side of his boat, literally jumping out of the water after the lure.

He hooks and lands a couple of true beauties, including one just short of 43 inches that beats his father's current personal best by a couple inches.

It's an amazing day of fishing, and a great day for Wiebe overall. His YouTube channel gets recognized for earning 100,000 subscribers and he catches several big pike on a lure made from the award! Unreal.

At the end of the day, he puts the homemade lure back into the frame, hooks and all. Now that's an award/lure he'll be proud to hang on the wall.

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Big Pike Hammer Homemade YouTube Play Button Lure