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Wild and Beautiful Lakes with Aggressive Northern Pike [VIDEO]

Have you ever been northern pike fishing where you got five pike on five consecutive casts?

That’s what Jonny (Johan Back), one of the anglers in Freewater Pictures‘ short film “Surface Pike,” experiences. The friends are fishing pristine lakes in northern Sweden, looking for, according to Johan, “Some cool strikes from the pike as well as the beautiful nature.”

The men stop at a bay they’ve fished before and worry that the water level is too low. They say they only caught eight pike the day before but were hoping for a day like they had on a previous outing, when they caught 82 northern pike!

This is, in some ways, really just a home movie of some friends on a fishing trip. But it’s also a film with exceptional production value, plenty of great pike action and a clear love of place.

Be sure to click the ‘cc’ [closed caption] button at the bottom of the video, in order to see the Swedish language translated. Then, I advise, watch it again to simply enjoy the adventure.

The close-ups and slow motion scenes of pike violently attacking top water lures are sure to get any sincere pike anglers’ blood pumping.

Freewater Pictures describes itself as “Jet fueled by the passion and happiness of being out in the nature, we love what we do, every day.”

“I want people to see that places like these exist, and that there are possibilities to get out here,” says Johan. “You don’t have to be a pro to do this.”

As this episode ends it offers a teaser to one of the most spectacular giant perch fishing experiences you will ever see.

Watch that incredible episode here.

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Wild and Beautiful Lakes with Aggressive Northern Pike [VIDEO]