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How to Make Your Own Topographical Depth Map in Under 2 Minutes

This technology enables you to create an accurate depth map of any body of water in under two minutes. How cool is that?

Topographical or “depth maps” are an essential fish finding tool for many anglers. There’s no underestimating their value when fishing new bodies of water.

However, most anglers fish certain rivers or small lakes that have outdated or very generalized topo maps, or no maps at all.

That dilemma may now have a solution, in the form of relatively recent technology that enables the average fisherman the ability to create his or her own topographical maps of any river or lake. Maps that are accurate, detailed and more up-to-date than any you can purchase.

Aaron Wiebe of Uncut Angling gives a very quick demonstration on how easy and quick – under two minutes – it is to convert information gathered from your depth finder’s saved sonar returns and GPS into a complete and accurate electronic topographical map.

Wiebe is using Humminbird’s AutoChart program to create a detailed topo map for a section of the Red River in Manitoba.

Of course gathering the depth and GPS information is the most time consuming part of the equation, as you zigzag your boat over a body of water with your depth finder in record mode. But you’re on the water, fishing if you want to, so that’s not really anything to complain about, is it.

The “work” comes in transferring that saved data to the AutoChart program, which Wiebe illustrates here as taking less than two minutes. Bada-bing-bada-boom!

“I’ve got the best depth map, in the world, for this spot. Just like that,” he exclaims. “How amazing is that!?”

Pretty amazing, I say. I’ve got a number of small bass lakes I fish, for which there are no topo maps available. That is, until I make my own! Granted, a lot of smaller bass lakes are bowl shaped, with little variation in depth. But if there are any marked variations or points of structure, I want to know exactly where they are.

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How to Make Your Own Topographical Depth Map in Under 2 Minutes