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Broom Handle Fishing Lure Does Catch Fish: James Heddon Would Be Proud


Broom handle lures have a long and storied history in the fishing world. Here's how you can make one of your own. It is sure to be a fish catcher.

DIY fishing lure maker Paul Adams follows some big footsteps by crafting a broom handle lure in the style of famed lure maker James Heddon. Adams is methodical and exacting in his construction of the lure, and his video production of how he made it is superb.

Adams begins with a broom handle and cuts it to a 125 millimeter length. Then he rounds both ends with a carving knife and sandpaper, making one end - the front end - more blunt than the other.

Since he intends to insert a rubber curly tail, Adams cuts a slot in the back end of the lure to accommodate the tail. He made the holes that take the hook hardware and buoyancy weights with two different sized drill bits.

After a bit of miscalculation on the distance of the hooks from one another, Adams readjusts by removing one hook and adding another nearer to the tail end of the broom handle lure.

He fills the weight holes with plumbers solder, but I think lead might have proved to be more effective in sinking the lure.

Then, he cuts the curly tail from a silicon baking sheet.

He paints the piece with acrylic paint, cuts the eyes from a holographic sticky sheet and coats the entire lure in slow curing epoxy. The lure is placed in a turning device to prevent running of the epoxy as it dries.

Finally, he attaches the tail with the help of a screw eye to hold it in place.

Ta-da! It's finished and Adams takes his broom handle creation out for a test run on the water. He catches a couple of nice pike before the rain drives him from the lake. Success! James Heddon would be proud!

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Broom Handle Fishing Lure Does Catch Fish: James Heddon Would Be Proud