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Catch a Musky With a Homemade Fidget Spinner Lure

fidget spinner

Aaron Wiebe quickly crafts a musky lure at boatside using his own hair and a fidget spinner. Will it work?

Uncut Angling's Aaron Wiebe is proving yet again that you can catch fish on almost anything with a hook. Wiebe goes into a Canadian Tire store (a Walmart-like department store) and buys a fidget spinner, which he intends to convert into a musky lure.

Even funnier than the fidget spinner is when Aaron takes a scissors and cuts off a couple large chunks of his own hair to make the bucktail portion of the lure. Have to admit, he is looking pretty rough lately, with disheveled beard and mustache. But he's stated that he won't shave until he wins a fishing tournament. Let's hope he wins one soon!

Wiebe fashions his musky lure in his boat and, by golly, it actually works and looks pretty darn good. Wait until you see just how effective it is!

That is a very nice musky! Well done, Aaron. But this is nothing new to the Canadian fishing guide and YouTuber. Wiebe has successfully crafted lures at boatside before, including one using a YouTube play button award. He caught a big 43-inch northern pike on that lure.

He's also tied deer-hair mouses right at the stream and caught some beautiful brook trout with them.

I don't know if this means you should change out your expensive fishing lures for odds and ends you find in the department store sale bin. It does go to show you, though, fish can be caught on just about anything. All you need is a hook and a little creativity.

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Catch a Musky With a Homemade Fidget Spinner Lure