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Girl Catches Her First Musky, Sight Fishing with Jerkbait [VIDEO]

Cari and Aaron Wiebe take a break from tournament prefishing when they spot a large musky in shallow water. Cari throws a jerkbait in hopes of catching her first musky.

Aaron Wiebe, from "Uncut Angling," and his sister Cari are on the water before the Bassin' for Bucks tournament in Sioux Narrows, Lake of the Woods.

They're in shallow water when they spy a large musky cruising the area. Cari admits that she's never caught a musky before and she's clearly very excited. Aaron coaches her on just where to cast and what to do to entice the big lunger.

Much to her surprise and delight the musky goes for her twitched jerkbait presentation and the fight is on!

"Oh my gosh, he ate it! What do I do!?"

The musky clears the surface. "Oh my gosh, that's so cool!" she exclaims. "That's going to screw me over though, isn't it?"

Aaron replies, "It will eventually."

Best line from Cari: "Oh my word, I'm gonna pee!"

Aaron hand-lands the fish and Cari is beside herself with excitement. It's a pretty great moment.

They safely release the big fish and Cari tries to give the lure she used a plug, mispronouncing it but not really caring because she's still pumped about catching her first musky.

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Girl Catches Her First Musky, Sight Fishing with Jerkbait [VIDEO]