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Bella The Husky "Sings" Christmas Classic For The Holidays

Did you know dogs like to sing Christmas songs too? Check out this Siberian husky! 

Some of the best parts of Christmas, besides the Christmas tree and the Christmas gifts, are getting to listen to your favorite songs. Christmas carols and music signal the start of the season and are generally enjoyed by all, including our furry friends. Though, there are a few scrooges out there who cannot stand holiday music at all. However, even those in the anti-Christmas music camp can appreciate this video of a Husky singing a Christmas favorite!

Husky Sings Christmas Favorite

@huskydoxieShe has one thing on her list ????##siberianhusky ##huskiesoftiktok ##foryou ##happyholidays ##CustomersMostLoved ##AEHolidayForever ##DoTheJuJu ##huskies? All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

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Some of the funniest videos on TikTok are huskies showing off their singing or dancing prowess. Bella, the husky, sings a Christmas favorite, nailing the notes the first time around. Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey. Besides, it tops many people's Christmas playlists. The trending video has been up for a day and already has almost 250k views and 37,000 likes. Bella may end up with the number one video this holiday season! The nine-year-old husky puppy has quite a few fans already too. One TikTok user commented, "FINALLY!!!!! Someone with a husky did this!!!! Sing your little heart out, baby!!!!"

Someone else pointed out the doggy's superior singing ear. "That harmony was on point, though, no lie," Camren commented.

Patricia chimed in, "I can't tell the difference between Mariah Carey n furbaby." I know my dog would not have the talent to nail this Christmas song, nor any others for that matter. However, I wonder if Bella could pull off singing another Christmas classic like White Christmas? Either way, this performance of the Mariah Carey chart-topper gets 5 out of 5 woofs from us!

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