This Picky Husky Refuses to Eat His Pup Cup Because It's Not From Starbucks

Spoiled dogs love sweet treats—and for many, Puppucinnos are at the top of their list. These mini cups filled with whipped cream, which are handed out to pooches when their pawrents are getting their own caffeine fix, were first made popular by Starbucks. Since then, they've become widely available at coffee shops around the country. Most baristas are happy to hand a "pup cup" over for free if they're not too busy, while some may charge a small fee.

Furry friends can get a tasty treat from chains like Peets, Dutch Brothers, and Tim Hortons. (Of course, their offerings vary by area and location.) However, if you go to the same place all of the time, your pet may start to get a little picky. One dog owner learned the hard way that her husky developed a taste for a certain type of whipped cream. In an adorable TikTok video, Archer refuses to eat a pup cup from Tim Hortons because he prefers the Puppuccinos from Starbucks. Yes, you read that right! 


Sorry @Tim Hortons Archer is a @Starbucks dog for life ?? #huskylife #huskypuppy #huskysoftiktok #pupcupstarbucks #timhortons #starbucks #dogsoftiktok

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"I understand that you are a Starbucks dog and this is not Starbucks," Archer's mom says in the clip. "But it's the same thing. It's a pup cup!" The spoiled pooch gives the treat a courtesy sniff before completely turning it down. Despite his mom's repeated attempts to convince him that he'll like it, Archer turns his little furry nose up at the idea of eating whipped cream that's not from his favorite coffee house. His mom calls him "bougie" for refusing his special treat and the face he gives her says it all. While she may be right, his reaction is just too cute to be mad at!

If you don't have a Starbucks nearby, you can always give your pup a dollop of whipped cream at home. Just remember that too much dairy and sugar isn't good for any dog, so this should be a dessert for special occasions!

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