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Starbucks' Puppuccino Spoils Dogs Everywhere, But Is It Safe?

Ever wonder where the Starbucks Puppuccino came from? 

Starbucks fans know all the secret menu items to request from their baristas. It's a great way to try something different instead of the typical Frappuccino, mocha, or cappuccino. Plus, the coffee shop has other really cool items gracing the list. Many pet owners take their pooches to Starbucks with them, and they certainly don't have to sit idly by without their own tasty drink — Man's best friend has a special treat on the menu, too! Next time you visit Starbucks, you can grab a pup cup for your furry friend in the Starbucks Puppuccino!

What Is The Starbucks Puppuccino?

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It makes sense to get your dog treats to enjoy while you sip your daily latte. The Puppuccino is the perfect option. This Starbucks secret menu item is a sample-size or espresso cup filled to the top with whipped cream. The clever name comes from combining pup and cappuccino in an adorable play on words.

A Starbucks Puppuccino is not sweetened, nor does it have any additives so your dog can safely lap up the creamy goodness out of the small cup while you enjoy your drink. (Granted, if you order it in the drive-thru, your pup may be done before you leave the parking lot.) Now your penniless pup may be concerned about how much a Puppuccino costs, but at most Starbucks locations, the pup drink is free of charge!

Are Puppuccinos Safe For Dogs?

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While the sweet treat may be safe for most pups, dogs with strong reactions to dairy should avoid it altogether. Due to the lactose in the heavy cream, some pups can have digestive issues, including gas and diarrhea. Of course, Puppuccinos should never replace actual dog food; much like doggie treats, they should be consumed sparingly.

While they are not found on the official Starbucks menu, you can be sure that your pooch can get their pup cup no matter which store you go to. Unfortunately, however, you will not be able to order one on the Starbucks app.

Do Other Coffee Shops Have Puppuccinos?

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The short answer: yes! Many coffee shops jumped on the bandwagon and now have sweet treats for your doggo to enjoy while you have your coffee.

At Dunkin Donuts, you can get a puppy latte, which like Starbucks, is whipped cream in a small cup. Dairy Queen has the famous Pup Cup: vanilla ice cream with a dog treat in the center. Shake Shack takes the treat up a notch and sells a delicious dog dessert made from dog biscuits and vanilla custard. Even restaurants have pup menus with special treats for your big or small dog.

DIY Starbucks Puppuccino

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If you don't want to go out and about, it's pretty easy to make your pup their own puppuccino at home — Just get a small bowl and fill it with some whipped cream from the store.

Or, if you want, you buy some heavy whipping cream and mix it up with the emersion blender or mixer until it is nice and fluffy and dish it up for your pup! The nice thing about making your own is that you can place it in the freezer to store for a couple of months of tasty treats.

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