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HUSH Life's "Time and Pressure" Documents the Pursuit of Rutting Elk

HUSH Life has released an engaging and universally appealing film, Time and Pressure, that records the glorious pursuit of rutting elk with archery gear.

The guys from HUSH are in pursuit of rutting elk in their new film titled "Time and Pressure." Casey Lavere, Eric Chesser and Brian McElrea are in the hills of Utah in September and they're surrounded by elk. They have many close encounters before they connect, including an encounter with some cattle (haha!).

But first let's take a look at their teaser trailer for the film. It's a beautiful little film in its own right, and in some ways is even more viscerally attractive than the film itself.

The trailer is edited dramatically and soulfully, with the kind of slow motion and musical accompaniment that lends itself well to putting you into the location and moment. Sometimes narration can place the viewer on the outside looking in. The trailer doesn't do that.

It works as a stand-alone video.

The proper film, "Time and Pressure," is arguably too lengthy at one-and-a-half hours to share directly here. But we're going to share it anyway. It's well worth viewing when you have time. The camaraderie of the guys, their disappointments and their emotional victories, and the handheld camera work combine to give the movie a kind of honesty and authenticity.

Here's "Time and Pressure":

We've come to know each of these guys through their video channel and we genuinely like them and want them to have a great hunt. And the fact that they do have a good hunting experience - spoiler alert! - is very satisfying for the viewers.

So, watch the trailer, and then watch the main film. It's a great way to fuel your own rutting elk dreams until the season opens this year.

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