Hunting Feral Hogs with Dogs
Mullet Man

Hunting Feral Hogs With Dogs Is Not For the Faint of Heart

Feral hog hunting with dogs is as intense as it gets.

Everyone knows how problematic feral hogs are, especially in Texas where their numbers are constantly exploding. Since the TPWD has basically an "anything goes" policy to deal with the invasive predators, people have developed some rather extreme methods of pursuing them.

One method is a little more intense than any other form of hunting you may have seen before. That is the use of dogs. Man's best friend trails and corners a hog and the human hunters come in and finish the job with a knife.

This intense video from YouTuber Mullet Man cuts out the kill portion, but it will still give you an idea of how wild this style of hunting is when compared to the more traditional methods of just shooting those pesky hogs. Stick around at the end as he shows a tasty and fast way to prepare a hog tenderloin for the dinner table.

As you can see, this style of hunting is a little more primitive and intense than taking them via firearm. Usually, the dogs will hold the hog while the hunter finishes the swine off with a sharp knife or spear to the heart. Feral hogs are extremely mean and ferocious, and that is why you see the large protective vests they were putting on the dogs prior to the hunt.

A variety of different species are used for hog hunting, however one thing to consider is the jaw strength of your animal. Feral hogs have tough hides and to latch on, they need some serious bite to go with the bark. In this case, it is not too surprising to learn a few of these dogs were full-blooded pit bulls. However, many hunters will also use large, strong breeds like the American bulldog or the black mouth cur to take on hogs too.

One thing is for sure, no matter what type of dog you are using, be ready for a workout. This style of hunting involves busting through the brush to chase the animals down and take them close quarters. It may not be to everyone's liking, but no one can deny this isn't an effective strategy for helping to reduce the feral hog populations that are so out of control in the Lone Star State.