Plastic Broadhead
YouTube: 4B Outdoors

Bowhunter Tests Completely Plastic Broadhead on Feral Hogs

How well can a plastic broadhead fare on game?

As fun as bowhunting is, it's also an extremely costly hobby if you're going to get serious. Bows, releases, quivers, limb accessories and more. You name it, it feels like it's all expensive. That's before even getting to the arrows, which can cost just as much, and the broadheads you use for hunting? Don't even get us started on those.

It would be nice to see some more cost-efficient bowhunting gear that doesn't cause you to cringe as you pull out your wallet at the local sporting goods store once the total is rung up. Perhaps that's where this plastic broadhead comes into play. Yes, you read that correctly, a plastic broadhead.

YouTuber 4B Outdoors was obviously intrigued too, and he decided to take it into the field to test on a tough feral hog. Because if one of these broadheads can take down a pig, it should be able to take other game.

There you have it, a plastic broadhead will take down a feral hog. The shot placement here was very good and the arrow got a clean pass-through, which helped with this harvest. We're not sure we like the odds of these broadheads if they hit bone. However, if they can cleanly take a feral hog, they'll probably work for other animals in the right scenario. Just be ready for each of the broadheads to be single use only. Which is fine considering how cheap they sell for.

The design of this broadhead seems to play off what Native Americans were using to hunt hundreds of years ago, just a different material. As you saw from the video, it produced a decent blood trail and a clean kill of that sow. Part of one edge sheared off on the shot, but that can happen with a metal broadhead depending on the type of hit.

If you regularly hunt in an area with feral hogs, it might be worth adding a broadhead like this to your quiver. At the very least it will save you from wasting one of your expensive expandable or fixed blade metal broadheads on an invasive species.

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