Double Spur Turkey
YouTube: Passion for the Hunt

Hunter Downs Unique Double Spur, Double-Bearded Turkey in Wisconsin

This double spurred and bearded turkey is one of a kind.

When it comes to turkey hunting, most outdoorsmen and women are looking for the fattest Tom with the longest spurs and beards. Sometimes nature throws a curveball in the form of some unique features on these birds that many hunters don't even know exist until they're standing over a bird with them.

That's the case with the Wisconsin Tom in this hunt. Rick Anderson of Passion for the Hunt is hoping to down a trophy bird in the first few days of the season. A miss on opening morning ends up being fortunate as he harvests a unique bird the next day.

This turkey not only has a rare double beard, but double spurs too. The bird in question is the first hunt of the video, but stick around afterwards for some more great turkey action.

They say everything happens for a reason and that miss ended up being a lucky one because the bird Rick ended up harvesting appears to be much more unique. We did a little research into the subject of double spur turkeys and we haven't found a lot of scientific data into why this or double beards happen. It appears to simply be a genetic thing that is going to more prevalent in some areas than others. Much like how the antlers of bucks in some areas will have similar features.

Either way, that's an extremely cool surprise to find after such an exciting hunt. We are not sure how they score a turkey like this, but this is the type of animal we would have made into a full body mount.

If you kept watching after the double spur bird, you saw several other nice turkeys take permanent dirt naps too. We loved every second of it. It has us anxious for these winter snows to melt. We're ready to head out into the woods waiting for the sounds of those gobblers coming our way this spring!

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