Rodney and Tyler Mumpower

World Record 13-Beard Turkey, Back From Taxidermist and on Full Display

This hunter recently turned 13, and he just got his gigantic 13-beard turkey back from the taxidermist.

Tyler Mumpower was 11 years old when he harvested the bird of a lifetime. Not very often do turkey hunters kill a bird with more beards than years they've been alive, but that's exactly what this young man did. And, not only did this 13-beard turkey set a Pennsylvania state record, it set a world record, too.

We covered the bird then, and if you haven't heard the story, you need to.

After a year of patiently waiting, the bearded boss was back in Mumpower's hands and it looked magnificent. The mount brilliantly showcases the 13 beards protruding from the big tom's colorful chest feathers. Kudos to Geisinger Taxidermy in Maryland.

The record bird from Adams County gained a lot of attention, and Mumpower received an invitation to attend the the 2018 NWTF show. Pretty cool. right?

This is an experience we're sure he'll never forget, as he was the center of attention all throughout the show. He even got to meet some of the industry's greats, as he conversed with tons of people interested in his once-in-a-lifetime kill.

Here's a shot of Mumpower getting to hang out turkey hunting legends Will Primos, Jimmy Primos and Brad Farris.

Here are some more photos of the mount and the NWTF Show experience. It's worth pointing out this was some great photo work from CeMe Photography.

As you can see, the bird looks tremendous. And, it also looks like Mumpower thoroughly enjoyed getting to showcase his bird. Tyler has continued hunting each spring, and you can continue to follow along with his turkey hunting adventures and any news on the record bird at his Facebook page, 13 Bearded Turkey Boss.

I personally love seeing kids in the outdoors, and I'm glad it was a young man who was able to meet people like the Bone Collector crew, the Primos crew, the Drury crew and the Lakoskys.

The bird is back home with Tyler on the wall of his parents' house.