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Turkey Hunter Harvests Gobbler With Judge Revolver

This close encounter with The Judge revolver gives turkey hunting a new look.

Fan hunting for turkeys, also known as reaping, has gained popularity in the past half decade. However, not many hunters choose the Judge revolver as their shotgun of choice.

This close encounter for Culpepper will give most hunters an adrenaline rush. Can you guess how many yards this shot is taken at?

Watch the video below:

I've personally never shot the Judge before, but from what I understand, it's a revolver-turned-shotgun, typically loaded with a .410 cartridge. Because the .410 is a smaller shotgun shell size one would have to get closer than if they were hunting with a .12 or .20 gauge.

It apparently is possible to take out a turkey with a .410 if the shot is just right.

WARNING: Turkey reaping, while fun, is only recommended on private land where it is certain there are no other hunters. I hope it's obvious after this video why that is the case. When you're hiding behind a real turkey fan, hunters could get confused.

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