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You Already Love These Hunks and Now You’ll Love Their Horses Too

It was recently tweeted that The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) has a horse farm in Virginia. So our staff immediately started looking up which sexy celebs also own horses! There is nothing sexier than this list of hunks with the horses they love and, in some cases, even adopted from movie sets.
Many articles on one of our favorite websites,, talk about the hottest female celebs that own horses, like Madonna, Kaley Cuoco (the Big Bang Theory), Mary-Kate, Julia Roberts (Runaway Bride), and Miley Cyrus! We thought we would feature the fellas that really get our gears goin'! Enjoy these ten hunks and their beloved horses.

1)  Jamie Foxx was given "Cheetah" for his birthday, who also appeared in Django Unchained.

Hint: It's the horse he rode exclusively during filming!

2) Viggo Mortensen bought three horses after the Lord of the Rings series. 

Avid LOTR fans will recognize that this photo above is from the set of Hidalgo, where he really put his equestrian chops to the test.

3) Johnny Depp adopted his horse from the Lone Ranger and he's had multiple horseback roles including Dead Man, Sleepy Hollow, and The Man Who Cried.

4) Richard Gere is a known horse lover, and in the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts, he chased a horse!

5) Toby Keith owns a horse farm.

6) Keifer Sutherland has several on his Montana ranch.

7) Channing Tatum got a horse for his birthday

8) The Rock and his horses are, indeed, sexy as hell.


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Just wrapped #ballers and have one week before I start shooting #Rampage, so I had to scoop my lovely ladies up and got away to my farm to recharge, recalibrate and reset. We have an excellent program on our farm (created by my bud and equestrian Olympic athlete Will Coleman) that trains thoroughbreds in Eventing (dressage, stadium jumping and cross country). Every time we come home to Virginia, we always have a whole new gang of some of the best conditioned, beautiful (and bad ass;) horses on the planet. Here Jasper and Zipp are clearly attracted to my alpha musk.. which translates to I haven't showered in 12hrs since I worked out at 4am. #AFewOlCountryBoys #Recharge #ThoroughbredBonding #AlphaMusk #MyFarm ?"?

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9) Brad Pitt owns Shetland ponies and he bought one for each of his kids

10) Russell Crowe has special horse relationships and his horse in Gladiator is named George! 

Enjoy this clip with George!
Another hunk that would come in as number 11? Patrick Swayze, of course. Horse riding is popular among celebrities and the Hampton Classic attended by many Hollywood stars is extremely popular (one of the largest horse shows in the U.S.).
If you're interested in Julia Roberts and her love of horses, watch the documentary, "Wild Horses of Mongolia".

Which of these celebs is your fave? We love them all! Please leave a comment below. 

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