15 Horses Who Love Mud a Little Too Much

These horses love mud a little too much, but something tells us the owners aren't thrilled with their horses' latest obsession.

Do you have a mud monster in your barn? You know, the horses who love mud a little too much? The ones who can find a single mud puddle in the middle of a huge field? And if there's no mud to be had, they'll gladly make their own?

Now, granted, the horses who love mud may be onto something. Mud offers them any number of benefits. It can help to protect them from flies and sunburn, and can even make their coats softer and healthier. A good roll in the mud can relieve itching and remove dead hair in the spring. Plus, it's just So. Much. Fun.

Unless, that is, you'd been planning on going for a ride and arrive at the barn to find one of these horses waiting for you. Suddenly your riding time becomes grooming or bathing time, for obvious reasons.

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Take a look.

1. Oh. My. 

2. Just....eww.

3. Well, at least he's wearing a blanket.

4. Someone wants to be a pinto...

5. Truth!

6. Mud lover? Most definitely.

7. Mud. There's nothing better.

8. Now that's going to be a fun grooming job!  

9. What a face! 

10. What, you mean you wanted to go for a ride? 

11. Can a horse get any muddier? 

12. Yes, evidently they can.

13. Clearly it's time for a bath.

14. Oh yuck.

15. This is one of those times when you just go straight to the hose.

So, have you ever arrived at the barn to find a mud monster waiting for you? We feel for you. Hopefully your horse only pulls his muddy act every once in a while, and your pastures are dry without any muddy areas!

How does your horse feel about mud? Are any of these photos a little too familiar? Tell us in the comments below. 

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