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How to Transform an Old Can into a Tiny BBQ Grill

This BBQ from a can project is a great way to recycle and keep busy.

While many people are struggling with boredom right now, it can be difficult to find things to keep yourself busy. The best way to get over boredom is with a good, old-fashioned do-it-yourself project using recycled materials from the home.

This type of project is even better if you can build something that has a practical purpose for years to come.

That is where this unique can BBQ project comes in. The video below shows you how to turn a simple can of oranges into a tiny BBQ grill capable of cooking steak, burgers or hot dogs for one person. It requires few tools and you may have some of the raw materials laying around your home already.

Now, granted, this is not going to be the world's most efficient BBQ grill. However, if you are looking for something small, simple, lightweight and cheap, this little grill would work out well. We could see someone packing this for light camping for one person. Come to think of it, this would be a good size for grilling up a smaller venison backstrap as they are usually smaller in size.

We like the ingenuity here in the use of the pegboard hooks for legs and a cookie cooling rack for the grilling surface. These items are cheap and readily available at just about any Walmart or dollar store. The most expensive item we saw here was the specialty spray paint that is made for surfaces that heat up.

One thing to keep in mind, these types of cans often have plastics in them. Make sure to burn the plastics away before introducing food to a grill like this.

This grill may not be practical for feeding a whole family, but it would be a fun project for anyone in quarantine who does not already own their own grill. It would be fun to experiment a bit and see how the design could be improved too. Either way, we are not bored anymore. Time to make some tiny steaks for dinner!

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