Would You Eat Coyote Meat? Here's a Taste Test of Coyote Backstrap Straight from the Grill

Hunters usually take pride in eating what they kill. However, that isn't the case with coyotes.

One of the blessings of hunting is that after the hunt, you often get to enjoy delicious meals from your kills. There's just something about bringing the hunt full circle and rewarding your tastebuds with the fruits of your labor.

Delicious grilled venison backstrap, goose jerky, dove poppers, smoked duck and elk steaks are all very popular across the hunting community. But, the thought of eating a coyote often disgusts people.

The Hunt Chef wants to give it a try, though and he's pleasantly surprised. He additionally brings three friends in to get their thoughts, and their reactions might surprise you.

So as you can see, the Hunt Chef himself really likes what he just had. In fact, he says it strongly resembles beef, with great taste and tenderness. But, if his video wasn't enough to convince you, he brought in three of his coworkers to try it.

Some had to be coerced, but four total taste tests will give you a better sample size and a broader critique. Let's see how they react to the coyote meat.

These videos have me intrigued to give coyote backstrap a chance. One of the main complaints from those outside of the hunting community on predator hunting is that hunters don't eat coyotes or foxes. Well, maybe Hunt Chef is starting a new trend and opening eyes to a meat most people deemed inedible in the past.

Sure, it'll take a lot of convincing to get people to try coyote meat. Something just seems a little off about eating an animal that so closely resembles our pet dogs. But, based off this taste test and their reactions, there might be some delicious table fare we're all missing out on.

All I can say is don't knock it until you try it.

Hunt Chef promised some later videos on how to prepare your coyote. Stay tuned!