Grilled Walleye Recipe Will Make Your Mouth Water

Walleye fillets plus the backyard grill equals a delicious dinner. This base recipe can be customized in many different ways to suit the taste and preferences of the particular diner. Plus, it gives the backyard chef a step-by-step guide to avoid the carnal sin that ruins many walleye fillets: overcooking! Walleye meat truly shines when it is prepared to be soft and flaky. But many people overcook or over-season, which makes the meat tough. This recipe makes it simple to get it done right, while showcasing the flavor and texture of perfectly grilled walleye.


  • Walleye fillets
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Mustard (your choice) or creamy flavored sauce (your choice)
  • Flour
  • Cajun seasoning or seafood seasoning (your choice)


Start by carefully examining the walleye fillets. Look for any tiny bones that may have been missed after filleting and remove them. Biting into an unexpected sharp bone can really ruin a meal. 

Start with sprinkling the fillets with salt and pepper as desired. Preheat the grill to 400 degrees. 

Here is where you get to start being creative. Choose a sauce to coat the fillet. The standard is to coat the fish with a mustard sauce. There are many varieties of mustard sauce, for example spicy, yellow, hot Chinese or Dijon mustard. But not everyone likes mustard. Substitute a preferred sauce. Some ideas are a citrus sauce, thousand island dressing, a mayo/hot sauce mixture, dill sauce or another flavor. Maybe get really fancy and make your own. 

Next, roll the fillets in your flour of choice. There is some flexibility here too. Whole wheat flour adds a slightly bitter flavor, where all-purpose flour will not. All-purpose flour is mild and lets the walleye flavor shine. You can also use gluten-free flour if one of your eaters is gluten intolerant. Lastly, you can even use corn meal if your side dishes would be complemented by it.

Grill the fillets on a preheated grill to 400 degrees. Make sure to use a close grid grill panel so that pieces of fillet will not fall through. If necessary, put down aluminum foil on the grill surface and put the fillets on it.

This is where following the recipe is crucial. Grill for three minutes on each side. Check for consistent cooking and, if necessary, cook for no more than an additional one minute on each side. Remove fillets from the grill and sprinkle with Cajun or seafood seasoning

With a slight adjustment to the ingredients, this recipe could please even the pickiest eaters. Try out a few different ways to find your own perfect combination.