Ammo Can Stove
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Handcrafted Ammo Can Stove is the Perfect DIY Weekend Project

Looking for a project this weekend? Consider this ammo can stove!

Everyone could use a stimulating and functional DIY project every now and then. Especially if you can find a way to repurpose old materials you are no longer using. This tiny camping stove would be ideal for a cold weather camping trip in a smaller tent.

All you need is some assorted scrap metal, a .50 caliber ammo can and various hand and power tools you probably already have laying around at home.

This is the ideal weekend metalworking project that can be made with or without the use of welding. Check it out in the video below. He provides all the measurements and tools as he goes step-by-step through the process of assembling this can.

We have to say, this was a clever design that is sure to turn the heads of your camping friends whenever you use it. You could buy all those materials new, but if you're like us, you likely already have some of this stuff already laying around at home. Might as well put it to good use and give the materials a new life!

We appreciate the fact he showed how to do this without welding. As useful as that skill is, not everyone is talented in it. It's good to have options for a complicated build like this.

This stove is extremely small, but for a smaller tent in the winter, you don't really need much more than this. It should help keep one or two people nice and toasty on a cold winter night. We could also see something like this getting use in an ice fishing shanty. Just make sure the tent is adequately ventilated and that the smoke is escaping properly. If you followed his instructions carefully, that shouldn't be an issue here.

How will you utilize your new, handcrafted ammo can stove?

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