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Video: Testing Out the "Stove in a Can" Gadget

stove in a can

Check out the stove in a can.

The Crazy Russian Hacker is testing out another interesting survival gadget. He's really been on a kick of reviewing fire starters and cooking gadgets lately. So we're not too surprised to see him reviewing a product called "Stove in a Can."

It certainly is an interesting and useful-looking survival item.

It definitely looks like the stove in a can will do the trick if you need a way to cook something in a hurry with very few items on hand. We also like the idea of an infinite shelf life and four fuel cakes inside for multiple uses. The fact that it can be used in any weather and won't go out easily in a wind is a plus too.

It might not be something you'd want to use on a regular camping trip. But it would be a great idea to add to a survival shelter. Even better, the small size would make for some great bug-out gear in a car as a way to be always be prepared for anything!



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Video: Testing Out the "Stove in a Can" Gadget