Video: What Should You Keep in an Urban Survival Bag?

Here are some ideas for an urban survival bag.

Youtuber Survival Lilly is always giving us some great ideas on how to be prepared for just about any situation. For her latest video, she tackles something many may not think about and that's urban survival. Just what should you have in a bug-out style bag if you happen to live in an area like this?

Just watch Lilly's video for some ideas.

Granted, most of us would probably prefer to live in the country away from urban areas, but sometimes work and life force us to spend time there. Still, it helps to prepare yourself for a SHTF-type scenario.

Being prepared doesn't necessarily mean we're waiting for a breakdown of society or an apocalyptic-type scenario either. Just look at the hurricanes that've hit the U.S. this year. A natural disaster can turn life upside down in a hurry. In that case, it doesn't hurt having some extra emergency supplies.

The crowbar is a great idea I hadn't thought of before. About the only thing we'd add to this bag is little extra ammo for your defense handgun if you're here in the U.S. and have a valid CPL.

Thanks for the great suggestions, Lilly. It never hurts to prepare yourself!