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WATCH: Demolition Ranch Went to Texas to Assist in Hurricane Harvey Search and Rescue Efforts

Demolition Ranch heads to Texas to help in search and rescue efforts.

Normally, Demolition Ranch is putting out crazy shooting or redneck experiment type videos. But Matt's latest video is completely different from what you might expect.

That's because he decided to head to Houston with a friend in the wake of hurricane Harvey. They take along a couple jet skis and supplies hoping to help out in whatever way they can in a flooded area. What follows is a very raw and unfiltered 20 plus-minute look at damaged areas and the challenges rescuers are facing.

On paper it seems simple. Get a bunch of boats and go from house to house ferrying people. But this video shows just how challenging it really is. Unseen underwater hazards make the job so much more difficult. Especially when the rescuers are unfamiliar with the area like they were.

Still, he damaged the hulls of these jet skis for a noble cause. And this type of raw video really brings the devastation of this storm and how it affects people and animals alike.

Also, he definitely seemed to have brought some positive morale along given the number of times Matt is recognized in the video, especially the young fan 18 minutes into the video. The people of Texas need all the good morale they can get at this point.

In case you're interested in donating to the charity he suggests at the beginning of the video, here's the link.

Kudos to you for doing a good deed to help out the victims of hurricane Harvey Matt from all of us at Wide Open Spaces!