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Watch: This Hawk Rode Out Hurricane Harvey with a Houston Taxi Cab Driver


This hawk rode out the big storm in comfort! 

In the wake of all the destruction and devastation that Hurricane Harvey brought to the Texas coast, there is one heartwarming animal story that quickly gained viral attention.

Taxi driver William Bruso was stopped to gather supplies in advance of the storm when a Cooper's hawk swooped into his cab and refused to leave.

That initial video can be seen below.

Because the raptor refused to leave, Bruso eventually decided to take the bird home where it rode out the storm! The bird quickly got the name Harvey the Hurricane Hawk. Later videos show the bird chilling in his home while Bruso fed the bird chicken hearts.

On Saturday Bruso posted a final update which showed someone from the Texas Wildlife Rescue Center picking up the bird so it could get care from a professional. The TWRC later posted an update that reveals Harvey couldn't fly because of a wing injury.

They also said the hawk would have never survived the storm without Bruso's help.

Unfortunately staff won't know the extent of Harvey's injuries until they can get him into the center for an x-ray. But flooding is keeping them from getting there at the moment. Still, it's good to know this bird of prey is in good hands now.

It just goes to show how a hurricane affects everyone, even the wildlife. Good work Mr. Bruso on saving this bird from the storm!



Watch: This Hawk Rode Out Hurricane Harvey with a Houston Taxi Cab Driver