whale shark

Watch These Divers Rescue Four Monstrous Whale Sharks from a Net

These divers had to work fast to save these whale sharks.

The whale shark is the largest fish on earth, but it's a gentle giant. There's no shortage of videos of divers having friendly interactions with these huge fish on the Internet.

So, when some divers came across four juvenile (but still huge) whale sharks trapped in a trawl net off West Papau, Indonesia, they knew they had to step in to help. National Geographic brings us the footage of the rescue:

National Geographic reports that the big net was likely set for anchovies. The sharks may have become entangled while seeking out a meal.

Unfortunately the video demonstrates what we already know. When it comes to humans and sharks, we're a far bigger threat to them than they are to us. Thankfully these endangered sharks don't move too fast and the divers were able to get them free without too much effort.

We here at Wide Open Spaces just want to say great job to these divers for their efforts in helping these giants of the oceans.