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Diver Frees Massive Whale Shark from Fishing Rope

Massive shark may have been tangled in the line for years.

The whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean, but is a gentle giant.

That’s probably why this diver felt comfortable enough to swim up to this one off the coast of Mexico and help it out when the diver noticed the massive fishing rope it was tangled in.

The diver freed the massive whale shark while shooting a documentary for the Smithsonian Channel. As you can see in the video, it definitely looks like it was causing the shark some discomfort. It clearly dug into the shark’s skin quite a bit.

It always amazes me to see an animal in distress that seems to understand the people approaching are trying to help it. It must have been quite the relief to finally be free of this choking noose!

The diver in the video isn’t named, but let’s congratulate him on a job well-done in helping one of the ocean’s awesome giants.



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Diver Frees Massive Whale Shark from Fishing Rope