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'Cajun Navy' Offers Hope and a Helping Hand to Flood-Ravaged Texas Residents

Steve Gonzales/Houston Chronicle via AP

From duck boats to kayaks, the 'Cajun Navy' comes to the rescue of stranded Texans.

The 'Cajun Navy,' aptly named 12 years ago after Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on New Orleans, is mobilizing in Texas this week as Hurricane Harvey delivers a devastating blow to the region. The informal group, made up of good Samaritans who own watercraft of all shapes and sizes, have been instrumental in saving thousands of stranded folk when disaster strikes.

The group is estimated to have hundreds of members, most residing in southern Louisiana. They use the smartphone app. Zello to communicate, as highlighted in the following Facebook post made by the Louisiana Cajun Navy:

***IF YOU NEED RESCUE OR WANT TO HELP RESCUE***The best source of communication at this time is the Zello walkie talkie...

Posted by Louisiana Cajun Navy on lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017

Here's a video showing members of the team landing in Houston on August 28:

We have landed in Houston

Posted by Louisiana Cajun Navy on lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017

"I can't look at somebody knowing that I have a perfect boat in my driveway to be doing this and to just sit at home," Jordy Bloodsworth told The Advocate. "I have every resource within 100 feet of me to help." He was headed to Texas overnight on Sunday.

The Cajun Navy made news headlines last year when a state lawmaker wanted training and permit fees implemented for the group. The Navy's unanimous response: 'How do you regulate people helping people?'

From Jon boats to bass boats - and everything in between - the 'Cajun Navy' have pooled resources to help save lives. And for that they get our tip of the hat - and overwhelming support and thanks.

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'Cajun Navy' Offers Hope and a Helping Hand to Flood-Ravaged Texas Residents