Here's How To Draw a Cat Because You're An Artist, Too

For the next 10 minutes, you're an artist. The real deal.

This thorough, step-by-step, narrated YouTube tutorial will teach you how to draw a very handsome cat, one you'll be proud to put on your fridge or send to your mom (because everyone loves "homemade" gifts).

To get started, grab yourself some paper, a pen, a pencil with a good eraser, and find a comfortable workspace. Remember, this is supposed to be for fun, so don't sweat a few mistakes; that's what erasers and fresh paper are for.

The cat drawing tutorial begins with the artist, Harriet Muller. She uses connecting oval shapes in this ten-minute tutorial. She draws 'Scrumpy the cat', a ginger cat and it's quite easy.

Don't worry, you can pause and rewind as often as you like until you feel ready to progress to the next step.

Ready, set, draw!

How to Draw a Cat

How was it? Are you currently staring at a masterpiece of your own making? Are you ready to tackle a different breed?

Are you in an artistic mood? Here's a tutorial on how to draw a fish. Give it a shot!

Pet art - in every medium - is a big deal these days. Check out this artist who makes cat-shaped hedges and then take a look at these glamor shots of of fish.

The cat drawing we included is broken into a few parts including the cat's head, cat face, cat's body, easy facial features, and body shape. The fur lines are very easy to create around the outline of the cat in this cat drawing.

There are many realistic cat drawings on YouTube but this one is printable and the finished drawing only takes 10 minutes.

What did you think of this tutorial? Show us your masterpiece in the comments section! 

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