Enrich Your Cat's Life With Stimulating Toys

If you're looking to improve your feline's leisure activities, start with some affordable cat toys your kitty can combat boredom with. Yes, cats do get bored! You might envy your cat's life. Lounging around, acting like the world revolves around them all day might seem like the dream, but that life can get old.

Some of these enrichment ideas might have you scratching your head, but just think of the simple activities we love that give us mental stimulation. The days of summer vacation are over, so if your cat is going to be missing out on playtime the majority of the day, it's time to gift your fur baby with some interactive toys.

What is cat enrichment?

Feline enrichment is pretty simple. Be an advocate for your cat's well-being and happiness by providing them with essentials for a happy life. Clean their litter box, pet them, give them toys to combat boredom, and much more. If you know you're an awesome pet parent, then you're probably enriching your cat's life already!

1. Paper bag

My favorite thing about cat behavior is that they're always scheming! I think cats' sneaky antics are so funny. Their sneaky tricks are generally harmless, like an indoor cat hiding for hours. It turns out, cats love hiding in paper bags. It's so silly, but it's cheap fun for your furry friend.

Get them here for $1.96.

2. Cardboard boxes

Felines like feeling warm and cozy in their own space. Cardboard boxes for cats are like blanket forts for children, they love them!

Get them here for $10.95.

3. Food puzzle

Adding a mentally stimulating game to your pet's mealtime is a great way to make lunchtime fun for your kitten! Fill the puzzle feeder with their favorite treats, and watch them search for their cat treats.

Get it here for $9.99.

4. Laser pointer

Cats love fast-moving objects. Felines are known for their quick reflexes, so it makes sense that it's in their nature to want to pounce on small moving objects. Have you ever seen a cat go crazy over a moth? The best part about clicker training is that cats can't technically "catch" the red dot, so it's a never-ending game of fun for your feline.

Get it here for $4.33.

5. Cat tree

Cat trees are a cat toy staple. Cats love vertical space because it gives them a chance to pounce from perch to perch. There are scratching posts for your kitty, along with mini condos for multiple cats to take naps in. If you're in the market for cat furniture, we've got you covered!

Get it here for $59.99.

Enrichment toys do make a difference with a cat's well-being, so don't feel bad about spoiling your fur baby with new toys!

This post was originally published on August 21, 2019.

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